HMP Birmingham Riot

The Latest Developments from the Winson Green Prison Riots.

Yesterday just before 9am a G4S prison officer at WinsonGreen Prison in Birmingham had been attending a disturbance on N wing as the officers were trying to get prisoners back in cells and as they were trying one of the officers was threatened with a used blood filled syringe as another came up behind him and snatched a set of keys off the officers belt.

Soon after a major disturbance had broken out on N Wing which then moved quickly to M, L & P wings which forced G4 prisons officers to withdraw from the effect areas & double lock the inner security gates with security chains.
Just after 10am West Midlands Police & West Midlands fire service started to arrive at the prison.

I had managed to make contact with a good reliable source that’s in contact with inmates within the prison so I was able to give running updates to exactly what was happening inside the prison.

Here is a timeline taken from my Twitter account @mwhitehouseuk as I was been given info I was updating via tweets.


I received Images taken from inside the prison 

Tornado Teams were deployed and sent to the prison 

More info came in from my sources 

Smoke can been seen coming from behind the prison walls, There are reports of prisoners shouting from inside there cells that they can’t breath

West Midlands Fire service going into the prison 

The day after upto 240 prisoners have been transferred from WinsonGreen to other prisons 

And more of the Tornado teams leaving the prison this morning 

Pictures from inside the prison of the damage caused by prisoners

More updates when AVAILABLE 

Updates search #NewsAlertUK on twitter 

(Last Updated 17/12/2016)


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